Validating on #COSMOS

Now part of Spark IBC Family. Delegate and Stake with Spark IBC x Steady Crypto to Earn Staking Rewards


This is a journey and we are focused on mutual growth over time.


Validating on $EVMOS, $JUNO, $STRIDE, $TORI, $JKL, $HUAHUA, $NOMIC, $GRAV, $PASG, and $ODIN. Exploring new and upcoming projects.


Versatile team supporting distributed infrastructure, with focus on resiliency and scale.


Increase your staking rewards, while scaling our participation in new projects.


Active in Discord and Social channels. Always focused on community growth and raising the bar with our delegators.


We are getting involved in early stage projects and testnets. Delegate your assets to our validators below, earn staking rewards, and benefit from low commissions.

EVMOS logo


staking APR: 160%
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Juno Network logo

Juno Network

staking APR: 40%
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staking APR: TBD
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Jackal Protocol logo

Jackal Protocol

staking APR: TBD
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Teritori Network logo

Teritori Network

staking APR: 535%
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staking APR: TBD
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Gravity Bridge logo

Gravity Bridge

staking APR: 36%
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Passage logo


staking APR: TBD
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Chihuahua logo


staking APR: 90%
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Odin Protocol logo

Odin Protocol

staking APR: TBD
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We are a dedicated team that is always eager to help and enable others. If you think we can be of help please feel free to reach out below:

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